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July 22, 2018  
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Current Status Report  ---->  As of: 11:39 pm, 7/22/2018
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Name In/Out Time Date Office Group Notes
Name In/Out Time Date Office Group Notes
Arajid Camargo Vac Out 11:00 pm 7/18/2018 Village OP mm
Carma Smith out 6:00 pm 7/14/2018 Village OP mm
Clara Vega out 11:00 pm 7/19/2018 Village OP mm
Crystal Connors out 10:02 pm 7/19/2018 Village Staff
Elaine McBride out 7:12 pm 7/18/2018 Village Staff
Richard Rubi out 7:00 pm 7/20/2018 Village Staff mm
Valeria Mendoza in 4:04 pm 7/20/2018 Village OP mm
Vania Elizabeth Swartzendruber in 4:00 pm 7/20/2018 Village OP mm
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